BGold Capital Review: Dull Forex Scam

BGold Capital ( is a cloned website similar to another scam called CFDIZ. B Gold Capital is using the same website with all matching details, expect the name. BGoldCapital is EXTREMELY scandalous and has been blacklisted by the Spanish authorities. One of our esteemed readers wanted us to investigate the platform after she received a promotional email from the platform. Read this genuine and honest BGOLD CAPITAL Review for more.

BGold Capital Review

BGold Capital Review

The reason why this platform is a scam is they have cloned the website to appear like that of CFDIZ.COM. Everything is the same, even the leverage and spreads. What they have done is simply switch names. The company behind this platform is renowned by regulatory bodies for offering insane platforms. You will never be able to trade safely with any product associated with Pro Star Griffith. These are professional scam artists who prey on unsuspecting online investors.

BGold Capital is using the same tricks as those on Nothing has changed as the platform is openly refusing members to withdraw funds. After you sign up with the platform, you are required to fill in a sign up form. These scam artists are using this process to harvest data from investors. Your name and physical address is important to them as they will easily sell it to third parties. And this is why you start getting promotional emails from products you never recognize. Stay away from this platform as it is clearly planning to shut down once they get their fill.

About BGold Capital

Pro Griffith Star is a company which claims to be located in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. By their own admission, they let us know that this is an offshore based broker. Offshore brokers are not to be trusted with funds; they never comply with set industry regulations. It is good to sign up with reliable and transparent brokers who have a ton of trading experience. With notable and reputable brokers, you trading is safe along with the funds. BGold Capital is an offshore broker who will never insure any funds deposited by members.

Another shocking feature with BGold Capital is anonymity. Just like their sister company CFDIZ; they don’t reveal names of the founding members. A real trading website will post details of the founding members and their social media handles. With live profiles, one can reach out and confirm the authenticity of the platform. And this is where we draw the line as there’s nothing worse than an anonymous platform. They make it impossible to recover any deposited funds.

Disadvantages of BGold Capital

Account details

BGold Capital Account Details

BGold Capital is furnishing users with the same number of accounts as CFDIZ. They list Classic, Gold, Platinum, and VIP as their account types. What we immediately noticed as a wrong incentive is the high acceptable minimum deposit requirement. Classic account is the basic account and users must deposit $1,000 to start trading. The industry has set $250 as the acceptable minimum deposit. Other notable features include competitive spreads which they never mention and premium daily analysis.

Account manager

The platform claims to offer general account managers on Platinum and VIP account holders. These account managers are not in any way qualified to operate a trading platform. We were shocked to learn that these are paid call agents who act as account managers. All they do is call members and harass them with deposit request. They will call at odd hours and demand you deposit more funds. What they claim is that the more you deposit, the higher your chances of winning increase.

Contact and Customer Support

You will probably note that their live chat box is the same as that of CFDIZ. Even the chat representative has the same face and name. Is this a coincidence? No way, these scam artists thought no one would put two and two together. And this is where we draw the line as these are notable scam artists. The chat box does not take any questions; instead, they ask visitors to give out their phone number. They claim you will be contacted by one of their representative when they make the call.

Demo Account

BGold Capital is furnishing users with an MT4 demo account. The demo account works perfectly but is no near what their trading platform offers. A demo account gives traders an idea of what to expect with the real trading sessions. These scam artists want to fool investors into believing the real trading platform has advanced tools. You will be shocked to realize the actual trading platform is a custom made platform. It never fully gives users fast order execution and is totally unstable.

Payment methods

When it comes to deposit and withdrawal, the problems start trickling in. The entire platform has no deposit or withdrawal information. Users who want to deposit are given an account number where they make the deposit. The problem with this method is no one is sure who the owner of the bank account is. Once you deposit funds, they never reflect on your trading account. Withdrawal is a huge issue as no one has posted evidence of ever withdrawing funds with this platform.

Trading platform

BGold Capital Trading Platform

The website claims to use MT4 trading platform and in the real sense, they have a web based platform. A huge problem with their custom-made trading platform is lack of rigorous testing. You would expect the platform to offer tests so that the platform can be secured. BGold Capital is not fully protecting clients as their platform is unstable. Lack of DDoS and SSL encryption is proof we are dealing with a defenseless trading platform. Nothing will stop hackers from taking over and stealing credit card information.

License and registration details with BGold Capital

As expected, BGold Capital is NOT LICENSE OR REGULATED by any regulatory body. The problem with an unregistered platform is lack of proper security details. Without a valid trading license, it means the platform never insures funds deposited. No regulatory body in Europe has issued a regulatory license to this platform. In fact, one regulator has issued a warning to traders regarding associating with this platform.

The Spanish Financial watchdog CNMV has put out alert warning traders from using this platform.

Security of funds with BGold Capital

When it comes to security of funds, this is not guaranteed by this platform. Most members are having withdrawal problems as the broker gives them immature excuses. Any bank will receive funds from any channel anywhere on the face of the planet. These scam artists don’t want to allow withdrawals which make BGold Capital a lousy platform.

Scam or legit

BGold Capital Warning from CNVM

From using a cloned website to having an alert out from a regulatory body, BGold Capital is a scam. Stay away from this platform and never sign up with any of their illicit trading platforms. These are scam artists who will do or say anything to try and make their platforms appear legit. You better stay away and never associate with their account managers. Warn your loved ones from signing up with any of their affiliate programs. The platform is a hoax and you will never get any profit from trading with B Gold Capital.

Bottom line

We will be adding this platform to our scam blacklist and ensure no one else falls for this trap.

Emil Christensen
I am not able to withdraw any of my funds.
Vincent Walker
Bought 14,000 but bankruptcy when I wanted to get them out. Raymond West and Tina Brain were called
Kristina Rindal
A totally scam Broker.
Marianne Claire
I have try whithdraw 32 000€, but they dont do it.
Jalil Van Overdijk
I have invest to about 27 000€, but they don't give money back.
Emilie Pedersen
Do someone one know where to find this company?
Zulma Caldeira
A totally scam Broker. I lost $250 as a deposit. WAs traded and made over $1000 from Dec 2019. Have not been able to withdraw up until now.
نيما محمدخان
No response to my emails. I am very cross with them.
Jim Gordon
In general, they owe me 20k euros. Who knows where they are, where is their office?

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