CFDIZ Review: Agley Forex Scam Exposed

CFDIZ ( is a brutal CFDs and Forex online platform offering illicit trading activities. From the onset, we can confirm that members are up in arms after having their accounts frozen. These so-called account managers have fooled investors with their cloned website. They claim to set traders free by helping them exceed their limit. And this is where matters get dicey. Read this genuine and honest CFDIZ Review for more.

CFDIZ Review

CFDIZ Review

Once you land on their homepage, you can easily be fooled by their enticing website. The homepage sells the idea of a real trading website. CFDIZ is far from being a real trading website as our detailed review will reveal. Our investigation uncovered some shocking details regarding this awful platform. Stay away from it and ensure you choose genuine and transparent brokers recommended by experts. These scam artists will do or say anything to try and make their platform appear legit.

Assets found on CFDIZ include CFDs, commodities, and Forex. Some of the CFDs listed include Alibaba, Amazon, Apple, Coke, Facebook, among others.  Commodities listed as assets include Aluminum, Cocoa, Copper, and HOIL. The platform offers a number of currency pairs such as AUD/USD, EUR/CHF, GBP/USD, among others. What we found wanting with the platform is lack of proper information regarding leverage and spread. No vital information has been listed in terms of trading conditions.


CFDIZ is claiming to offer a number of unsubstantiated advantages such as advanced trading tools. We searched their entire trading platform for advanced trading tools and couldn’t find any. Another damaging feature with CFDIZ is anonymity which means the platform is unknown. No names of the founding members have been listed on the entire platform. It would be ideal if we had the social media handles of staff members. With social media profiles, verification of important details would have been easier.

The reason why these scam artists have stayed away from this platform is shelter from authorities. No company name has been listed which leaves us with more unanswered questions. What these scam artists are doing is claiming to be based in the United Kingdom which is a lie. The platform is not in any business or company record in the UK. It means we are dealing with an anonymous platform which is best to stay away. If you want to trade with ideal platforms, choose authentic Forex trading robots. You will never go wrong with industry backed Forex trading robots.

Features of CFDIZ

Account details

CFDIZ Account Details

CFDIZ is claiming to offer four account types to anyone interested in signing up. Accounts listed include Classic, Gold, Platinum, and VIP. Some of the features you get from these account types include daily briefing and video tutorials. We sadly can confirm that the video tutorials are from other legit websites. The tutorials are in no way relating to how to trade with their platform. And this is where we put a red flag we the accounts also offer alarming information. Minimum acceptable deposit is high as they have set it at $1,000.

Account Managers

Account managers are listed as some of the features you get when you sign up. The problem is these account managers have no trading experience. Our investigation revealed that these are hired call agents who act as account managers. They will call you at odd hours of the day with claims of having a viable investment play. Never deposit funds with the platform as you directly fund the scam. These scam artists are targeting European investors and they should be stopped dead on their tracks.

Contact and Customer Support

You might think that they offer a live chat support, in real sense, it is a ChatBot. The problem with chatbots is they never get to answer relevant questions. From our interaction with the chat bot, users are asked to hand out their phone number. You should not hand your contact details to anonymous online investment platforms.

Demo Account

CFDIZ is offering a demo account to anyone who signs up. The problem with their demo account is that it is not a reflective of their real trading website. Demo account is an MT4 demo which works perfectly. These scam artists have used a real demo account to fool investors into believing their real platform behaves the same. From the look of things, this is not the case as their real account fails to have advanced trading tools. Their real account also has some security issues which we will highlight.

MAMM Account

The platform is also offering MAMM account with a leverage of 400:1. MAMM account claims to offer traders with an unlimited trading clients. The problem with this account is that you give the account manager access to your funds. Members have no trading power which means the account managers can do what they please. And this has led to account managers favoring some members which leaves others ruing.

Trading Platform

Although they claim to offer MT4 trading platform, this is not the case. Their platform is a custom-made web platform with a lot of issues. To highlight just some of them, their platform is unstable due to security threats. Lack of proper security features installation has led to third party attacks. Users claim their trading accounts were hacked during trading sessions and credit card information shared. And this is one of the many reasons why you should stay away from this platform.

Disadvantages of CFDIZ

License and Registration of CFDIZ

CFDIZ is NOT LICENSED OR REGISTERED by any regulatory body. Without a trading license, funds are not secure as you will never be compensated in case oF bankruptcy. No trader should deposit funds with an unlicensed online trading entity.

Safety of funds with CFDIZ

When it comes to security of funds, CFDIZ is not guaranteeing it. And this makes the platform a terrible option when it comes to trading. Accounts are not segregated which means the platform is pooling funds in one account. You better stay away from this platform as it is hell-bent to steal funds. It has come to our attention that members are depositing funds straight to scammer’s bank account. And this is where we draw the line as no platform should hold funds in a single bank account.

Scam or legit

CFDIZ About the Platform

With all the evidence at hand, we have no other option but to term CFDIZ as a scam. With anonymity and no valid trading license, the platform is definitely stealing from members. You should stay away from this platform and never deposit with them. Sharing your contact details is also risky as they are in bed with third parties. Hackers will use your credit card and personal information to apply for online loans. Beware of this platform and never think of opening an account with them.

Bottom line

To ensure the online trading world stays safe, we have to add this platform to our scam blacklist. Stay away from any of their affiliate programs listed at the footer of their homepage. You should also warn your family and friends regarding signing up with the platform. With this information, you will be able to avert the danger involved with this platform. You should stay away from it and never open an account with an unregulated broker. The risks are huge and you will end up losing all your funds.

Suzy Martin
I have lost 5000€ and my Consultant was David Hoffmann. Ich am about to start investigating in this matter.
Dennis Young
Is there anyone who managed to get money from this guys?
Clementina da Conceição
Is there any way to return back your money from this scammers?
Florence Anderson
These people need to be exposed. The brokers or account managers namely Richard Collins and Bryan Kruger(if it's their real names) are a bunch of low life thieves, working for a fraudulent forex company. These guys need to be hunted down and justice must be served. Warn everybody you know on Facebook about their activities. It is our responsibility as scam victims to warn as many people as possible out there. Let's ground their private jet that we paid for.
Séléna Thomas
Hopefully they die soon.....!!!!
Sakina Janga
I tried to withdraw my 409.07 euros and received an email saying it was being dealt with then nothing... I have sent endless emails and on site forms... tried ringing the numbers given but they no longer exist.
Giray Yeşilkaya
I also try to get back my money - USD 1300 - since March 2019!
رهام رضایی
i have send many msg to ur company but u did not give me answer please i want my money back

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