EXM Solution Review: Exmsolution.com Exposed Scam

EXM Solution (Exmsolution.com) is a ridiculous CFDs, Cryptocurrency, and Forex online scam platform. EXMSolution is claiming to offer unmatched services where bid price is equal to ask price. Traders are promised to get the advantage of financial markets by getting free trading tools. What trading tools are these you may ask? We also had the same questions and we decided to investigate. Read this genuine EXM SOLUTION Review for more.

EXM Solution Review

EXM Solution

According to their homepage, Exm solution is providing users with a variety of products. These products include commodities, crypto, forex, indices, and stocks. They also claim to have a unique trading account with zero spread starting at 0.85 percent. These scam artists are smart; they don’t give out their full details on their homepage. You have to contact them by giving your contact details. Once you do so, they start calling you in the hopes of making you believe this is a genuine platform.

Thanks to our years of trading experience, we know how to spot a scam from a mile away. These scam artists are offshore based and have no operating license. With such a platform, the risks involved outweigh the profit they claim to make. It is best to stick to recommended and top rated brokers with a strong online reputation. Victims are already calling on authorities to shut down the platform since they couldn’t recover their funds.

About EXM Solution

EXM Solution is claiming to be a perfect platform for all traders, no matter the background. Speaking of background, they seem not to indulge us with their experience or history. No one also seems to know the name of the CEO or CFO of the company. It seems EXM Solution is not registered as an entity in any of the Company registers. And this points to an anonymous platform with no direction. It is best to stay away from anonymous platforms as they tend to steal from traders.

Another shocking issue with EXM Solution is their lack of online reputation. No broker seems to want to associate with this platform. A lot of reviews have been posted in regards to how members turn up broken. They claim that once they deposited funds, the broker took over and never made any profit. It means that EXM solution is pretending to have qualified brokers who in real sense, have no trading experience.

Domain details

EXM Solution False Claims

A closer look at the domain register whois.net reveals some shocking details. It appears the website was registered on 28th May 2019. The platform is not a year old and yet they claim to have years of trading experience. This is one of the many ways we spot online platforms who give false information. New platforms are welcome to offer trading services; they just have to be honest. And this is the start of many reasons why you should stay away from this unproven online platform.

License and registration of EXM Solution

When it comes to their license and registration, they fail to post any information regarding regulation. And this is where matters get interesting as we could not find any regulator who knows them. From ASIC, CySEC, FCA, NFA, and SEC, none of them have ever registered this platform. Traders are dealing with an unlicensed platform which has no legal bearing. Your funds are far from safe as the platform does not met stringent regulations and rules. Insurance deposit is out of the question which means traders are far from being safe.

A warning has been issued by the Swiss regulatory body regarding this platform. The warning states that investors should stay away as the regulator has received complaints from traders. With such a solid warning from a trusted regulator, it is best to stay away. Once a warning has been issued, it doesn’t take long before the platform is shut down. You should stay away from it and go for Cryptocurrency trading robots with a proven reputation. With proven products, your chances of winning increase since you trade with safe products.

Disadvantages of EXM Solution

Account details

EXM Solution Account details

EXM Solution is claiming to offer three account types. The three accounts are listed as Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The fourth account has no name and they seem to list it under one zero spread account. The Silver account is the basic account which comes with an insane deposit requirement. To start trading with EXM Solution, you must part with $2,500 which is their minimum asking price. The set price is high considering the industry has set $250 as the minimum required deposit. EXM Solution is asking ten times the normal depository price.

Contact and Customer Support

If you haven’t noticed, there is no contact information on the entire platform. The about us page does not give any details concerning how members can communicate with the platform. You will notice that the platform does not offer email or live support to users. When you sign up with your mobile number, this is when they make contact. And this is a clear indication we are dealing with online scam artists.

Deposit and withdrawal

The platform offers Bank transfer as their only depository and withdrawal option. We landed on their deposit and withdrawal policy page where we noticed an anomaly. Members are subjected to a 10 percent deduction every time they fail to log in. And this is a clear indication the platform wants to steal your funds. No member has come out with evidence of ever withdrawing funds with this platform. And this is where we draw the line as every trading platform must allow withdrawal at any given time.

Web trading platform

EXM Solution is offering web based trading platform. For a platform with no license, you have to be careful with their trading web trader. A closer look reveals their trading platform lacks basic security features. The platform is also unstable and is executing slow trades especially on mobile devices. It makes it hard for traders on the go to use this platform. You better stay away of become their next victim.

Safety of funds with EXM Solution

When it comes to how secure your funds are, most members will tell you to stay away. The platform is not segregating funds as dictated by law. It means EXMSolution is pooling funds in one bank account which is against trading regulations. Members have been depositing funds straight to owner’s bank account. No way of ever recovering these funds as the platform has no contact details. Never expect any compensation as this platform does not participate in a compensatory scheme.

Scam or legit

EXM Solution Trading Platform

Evidence is clearly written on the wall, EXM Solution is scam to avoid. From openly disregarding the rules to failing to have a valid trading license, it is best to stay away. These scam artists are never allowing members to withdraw funds which is sad. Warn your family and friends from joining any of their affiliate programs. You should also be careful on who you share your personal details with.

Bottom line

We will be adding this platform to our scam blacklist and ensure no one else falls for this trap. Stay away or else risk becoming another of their victim.

Wishing traders the very best, continue reading our eye-opening reviews for more on online trading products.

Leonhard Tröster
My estimation is that this is a complete scam
Asuncion Garcia
it's just scam
Brett Oliver
Later I was contacted by a certain DENISE, who repeatedly reassured me of my request for withdrawal, which would take place after six months.
Nalan Akman
I have sent many of my emails to which there has never been an answer.
زهرا حیدری
It was not too much money only 250$ but is very hurting see how those rats get money from investor with no withdraw posibilities.
Önal Kuzucu
Hey guys, this pork band gambled $ 28,000 on my account !!!
Susie Rivera
I've been trying to get money back for a year and a half, but nothing has happened. Now it's all gone !!! So I'm warning against this, and their brokers, who are just cheating.
Tom Hudson

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