FX NextGen Review: Fxnextgen.com Bane Forex Scam

FX NextGen (Fxnextgen.com) is another dangerous CFDs, Crypto currency and Forex platform openly stealing from anyone who signs up. FX Next Gen is professing to take your Forex trading to the next level by supporting Crypto currency funding. FXNext Gen is claiming to be partners with leading companies such as Bank of Georgia and OneZero. And these are all lies. Read this eye-opening FX NEXTGEN Review and get the truth.

FX NextGen Review

FX NextGen Review

The platform claims to offer Straight Through Processing by giving the best trading conditions. Scam artists will do or say anything to try and make their platforms appear genuine. With all the claims and promises listed, we have concrete proof that the platform is a scam. Not only have we testimonials from victims, but authorities have issued a warning in regards to the platform. To know more about this platform, you need to read this review and know the tricks used. It is best to read reviews from expert and trusted sources for a better understanding of the platform.

Victims of the platform are up in arms after they failed to get withdrawal clearance. Most of them started noticing withdrawal issues when their calls were not going through. The so-called account managers have gone under and have blocked all member contact. And this is the very first step in determining the scam. These scam artists have designed a cloned website and fooled unsuspecting investors. To keep the online trading safe, we must expose such platforms which rip off online investors.

About FX NextGen

FX NextGen is claiming to be competitive, integrity, and transparent. With the number of victims we have seen, this is far from being the truth. The company behind the platform remains unknown which means we are dealing with an anonymous company. After checking with the company register in Georgia, results come up empty. Smart investors know better than to sign up with anonymous online companies. The problem with anonymity is there is no assurance of withdrawing funds as is the case.

A look at the about us page does not give users any information regarding the history of this platform. FX NextGen is claiming to be registered in Georgia with Company ID 404574769. They claim to carry a permit from Hualing Free Industrial zone. Scam artist will do or say anything to try and make their platforms appear legit. Claims of the company being permitted to conduct Financial Consulting and Serviced are false. You should be on the lookout for such incomplete business practices.

Features of FX NextGen

Account details

FX NextGen is not furnishing users with any account type as expected with all trading platforms. Lack of account details means users are giving their funds to these scam artists for free. These scam artists are taking hold of money deposited and claim to offer trading services. Without account details, FX NextGen is not giving important details such as leverage and spreads. No one knows the minimum acceptable deposit allowed with the platform. And this is a problem as most investors will be asked to deposit insane amounts.

Account Funding

When it comes to funding your account, FX NextGen is a step ahead and offers Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, and Sofort. You can deposit funds using any of the three channels. There are no deposit fees and they claim the funds take 3 – 5 business days for the funds to reflect. A true platform will ensure the balance is reflected on your account the very same day. The delay means these scam artists can claim they never received your funds. And this is a scenario some victims claim to face.

Contact and Customer Support

FX NextGen Partner Claims

When it comes to communicating with FX NextGen, the problems start popping up. The platform offers two communication channels. You can make contact using email or phone number listed in their contact page. The problem with this information is that emails take time before members get any meaningful response. Phone number listed is ever busy and makes it hard for members to communicate with the platform.

Demo Account

With most legit platforms, you expect to get a demo account. FX NextGen is not furnishing traders with any demo account which is a huge problem. Newbie traders who sign up don’t know how to use the platform. And this is what makes a demo account important as it gives newbies a chance to learn. With a demo account, you get to know how the platform behaves in terms of executing trades.

Trading Platform

FX NextGen is claiming to have MT4 and MT5 trading platform as their tool of trade. A glance at one of the victims trading portal reveals another story. The platform has a web based platform which is custom-made. Custom-made platforms pose a huge problem as they do not go through rigorous testing.

Disadvantages of FX NextGen

License and Registration

According to the disclaimer at the footer of their homepage, they claim the platform is registered in Georgia. And this is where we caught them red handed. Claims of being licensed by Hualing Free Industrial Zone are unfounded. In Georgia, the Central Bank is the body which gives trading licenses.No platform or company is licensed under the above details. These scam artists are using cloned information to throw of investors.


Users can only withdraw via Bank Transfer and Bitcoin; this is according to their withdrawal page. The problem with withdrawals is no member has been able to make withdrawals. These scam artists offer lame excuses as to why some members don’t get to withdraw. You will receive a call from the platform claiming your bank is not accepting their system. And this is one classic lie which has been used by most online scam artists. Now you know what to expect with this shoddy online trading platform.

Security of funds with FX NextGen

FX NextGen Trading Platform

When it comes to securing funds with this platform, FX NextGen is never going to guarantee it. The platform fails to have necessary security features and firewall. You don’t sign up with a website that does not even protect itself using basic security software. Lack of DDoS and SSL encryption is proof we are dealing with a rogue platform. It is best to stay away from this platform and never deposit funds with the. Investors are literally filling the pockets of scam artists.

Scam or legit

FX NextGen is a scam waiting to pounce on unsuspecting online investors. You better stay away from it as the platform never offers transparent trading practices. It is best to use recommended and top rated Forex trading robots instead. From the number of victims who have vented their anger, the platform needs to be shut down. We hope authorities will look into the matter and shut their whole operation down. No trader needs to go through what victims of this platform are facing.

Bottom line

We have to expose this platform and add it on our blacklist. Readers should warn their family and friends from joining any of their affiliate programs. You should also block any contact from their account managers.

Elena Lopez
I'm angry at me for letting myself get pulled into something like that again.
Ceylan Sarıoğlu
Since a few days ago, I have asked to reimburse my account, once the chosen period for investments has ended. In spite of having passed the estimated time by the company to make the refund, this has not occurred and the brokers responsible for my account do not call or come in contact with me.
Bertram Rasmussen
I hope these people are punished, that's theft.
Mathias Thomsen
I was promised the best as well. have paid 300 USD in December, now wanted to withdraw a part. like everyone here, there is no answer, no live chat, no help or explanation.
Jessé Teixeira
since it is clearly a scam and it happens to many, I am outraged that Mastercard still approves such transfers !!
Anton Huotari
if anyone organizes class actions or so, please contact me via e-mail
Ümit Düşenkalkar
In my opinion, we must not see more people getting into the trap of this company. We have to do something. Does anyone know a good method? Or does anyone know that there is a place where we file a complaint? Together we are strong. In this regard, I ask for your support from all of you who are victims

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