Prime XBT Review: Leading Crypto Trading Platform

Prime XBT ( is an enchanting CFDs, Cryptocurrency, and Forex trading platform. With Bitcoin trading being its major selling point, PrimeXBT is proving to be a worthy Cryptocurrency trading tool. When it comes to digital currency trading, you want a platform that is secure and stable. Traders also want a platform that is fast when executing trades and simple. Read this genuine PRIME XBT Review and get the whole story.

Prime XBT Review

Prime XBT Review

Prime XBT is furnishing users with immediate access to commodities, Cryptocurrency, Forex, indices, and stocks. PrimeXBT is a single based Bitcoin trading platform that has surpassed expectations. With an average order execution speed of 7.12 MS, it has become the fastest at executing trades. Other verifiable features include over 12 integrated liquidity providers and over 12,000 executed orders per second. This proves how efficient the platform is to investors and traders alike.

Creating an account takes place in under a few seconds. With Prime XBT, no personal information required. You won’t have to verify your details as this keeps your data and personal information secure. The platform is enabling traders to fund their accounts with Bitcoin or any other official currency. With 100x leverage trading, traders get benefits of fast order execution trading. Other important features that must be pointed out include tight spreads and having an advanced trading platform.

Amazing Features of Prime XBT

Customer Asset Protection

Prime XBT has implemented an amazing cyber-security framework that ensures strict measures and practices are adhered. Customer’s assets are protected against any unforeseen eventualities at all time. The platform even hires leading security personnel to conduct periodical stress tests and security. Audits are also in play to comply with the strict security standards set by the digital currency industry.

Prime XBT Trading Assets

Some of the security tools used include 2FA, Mandatory Bitcoin Address, Cold storage of digital assets and more. PrimeXBT offers encrypted SSL web traffic as well as passwords being cryptographically hashed. Full risk checks are conducted after every order execution and placement. The platform is hosted under Amazon Web Services AWS which has a proven level of security.

About Prime XBT

Prime XBT is a bitcoin-based platform which was founded in 2018. You get a leveraged trading of digital assets such as Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, and Ripple. The company has grown exponentially with their servers being in over 150 countries. Clients get top tier liquidity with a wide range of trading tools. PrimeXBT is able to maintain an enabling environment for both experienced and newbie traders. When it comes to the technology used, the platform offers a robust trading system.

Members are able to customize and design layouts to fit their trading styles.  Prime XBT is proud of having an industry-leading trade engine which offers real time risk management. The platform enables users to trade from any part of the world using any all devices. This means you can trade on the go with your smartphone.

Advantages of Prime XBT

Trading with 1:100 leverage

Traders can increase their cryptocurrency profits with the help of leverage margin. What this means is that for every $1, you are provided with a $100 of buying and selling power. Using this leverage will expose you to a much larger position as opposed to a standard exchange. A good example is when Bitcoin price increases from $7,000 to $7,045. The return of a member will be 0.64 percent without leverage, 12.8 percent with leverage. You also get a 32 percent profit margin with 1:50 leverage. Members who use 1:100 leverage get a 64 percent increase in profit.

How does leverage with Prime XBT work?

Trading Platform

Leverage is a key feature in PrimeXBT and is a powerful tool for any trader. You can use leverage to take advantage of comparatively small price movements. Members put down a fraction of the full value of the trade; the platform provides you with the rest. Prime XBT is allowing members to get exposed to prime Cryptocurrencies without having to top up a lot of capital.  Some of the benefits of using leverage include getting magnified profits and gaining from the market fall.

Fees and Pricing

Prime XBT is providing attractive conditions all-round the table. The platform is using clear principles including competitive and transparent prices. Two types of fees are charged by this platform, trade fee and overnight financing. There are also trading limits imposed on members. The exposure limit is a restriction on the position size that each individual can hold.

The platform allows members to trade on margin. You are able to leverage on positions larger than the size of funds you plan to deposit. The platform reserves the right to increase margin requirements including any client portfolio which has a high risk factor.

Trading platform

You can trade with over 30 plus assets including Commodities, Cryptocurrency, Forex, indices, and stocks. The platform comes with a leading technology driven trading platform compatible with all devices. When it comes to platform security, the platform offers SSL encryption as well as DDoS protection. The platform comes with leading advanced features and tools to aid both experienced and newbie traders. These are one of a kind trading tools which are a fast when it comes to online trading.

Signing up

Sign up process

When it comes to signing up, the process takes less than a minute. All you have to do is fill in the form and click on the confirmation link. When members deposit or withdraw funds, you have to provide two authentication factors. This provides a higher level of security assurance than a single factor authentication method. The platform uses multi signature access to help provide security against attacks and tolerance.

Security of funds with Prime XBT

Members get additional account level protection an excellent example being Crypto Address Whitelisting. The feature adds an additional layer of protection when clients are making withdrawals. Customers are able to white-list specific addresses which restricts withdrawal to certain addresses. Your PrimeXBT account will never be compromised by an unauthorized user. No one will be able to withdraw your funds apart from you.


You can send your queries to and expect a quick response. Normal response is within a single business day or less. The platform uses a client oriented approach which places the client’s interest at the heart of its operations. Do send an email or make direct contact by clicking on their help link to find answers to frequently asked questions.


Prime XBT Affiliate Programs

You can become a PrimeXBT affiliate and get up to 50 percent of what your referrals pay in trading fees. Affiliate partners are likely to earn up to $10,000 per month. You get to build your own profitable business with no investment. Members can also boost their affiliate commissions by 10 times; check their partner page for more details. The platform also enables users to quickly grow their referral network when you get active.


It is clear that Prime XBT is a unique trading platform that offers attractive conditions. With the security level in place, the platform has proved to be a game-changer when it comes to online trading. You best need to sign up and start making reasonable profit margins with this one of a kind platform.

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Wishing all investors a lucrative trading period.

Kadir Nebioğlu
I am a customer. I can’t help but get through. I have errors in my account and in the terminal, technical support is silent, the account decreases. I can’t withdraw money. I am terrified!
Edgar Larson
I’ve been working for several months. No problems have arisen, everything is fine, the commissions are adequate. Before that I worked with another broker, I am very glad that I left there. I can definitely recommend the discovery.
Max Perkins
I have been trading forex for a very long time. As I began to cooperate, I continue. I will not hide - there are cons. But in comparison with others - better not found.
Hanne Joachim
One of the most stable brokers. I have been working on 2 accounts, for about 2 years now, they don’t merge. The only thing worth paying attention to is the fact that the spread can disperse on the news, otherwise everything is very clear and smooth. There are no problems with the conclusion. They always credit everything quickly both to the card and to the webmoney. Spread and execution within reason! Normal reliable broker.
Ali Adal
I have long wanted to try to trade cryptocurrencies. On the account of crypto in the grande, doing this is convenient and simple. All transactions are executed instantly, literally recently withdrew his first profit. Learn from mistakes, do not give up! Good luck doesn't always come right away
Hector Turner
I can not log in and nobody calls me what's the point that it's not okay what you do
Loane Clement
These people take your money and when you ask for them to return the funds they require your credit card details and ID doc...they refuse to give back my USD 250.00..This company is a fraud and should be brought to task....Do not trust them
Stacey Burke
I paid 500 USD here and now it was 1655 USD param I had a withdrawal request on December 14 but they still did not deposit my money. Do you have any withdrawals here?

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